On now:
from Bloodsport 2002
The third album from Chris & Liam (now without Kelly Dayton)

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All Summer Long by KID ROCK
from Rock And Roll Jesus 2007
A masterly mashing of Warren Zevon & Lynyrd Skynyrd. A big 2XS summer hit of 2007, it finally became a single a year later

And we just played these...
Caroline by KINGFISHR
from 2023
The Limerick alt-folk-rock trio are Edmond Keogh, Eoghan McGrath and Eoin Fitzgibbon. They chose their name after the bird which is native to Ireland's waterways

Crocodile Tears by JODY WILDGOOSE
from 2021
A wonderfully melancholy song by the talented Sheffield singer-songwriter

You Can All Join In by TRAFFIC
from Traffic 1968
This was the eponymous rock album by Traffic, ranging in style from psychedelic rock to acid jazz

The Last Honest Man by STAN RIDGWAY
from Mosquitoes 1989
An exemplary album by the ex-Wall Of Voodoo leader, Stanard Ridgway, who had previously been defined by his hit 1986 'Camouflage'