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2024 started with such a fantastic wave of support from so many of you, that - to be frank - we've felt overwhelmed. We had moved most of our promotion onto Mixcloud because of the inflexible royalty licensing system in the UK and were planning to end the traditional streams for UK listeners completely, but after we announced that news at the beginning of December we were inundated with help. So much so, that nearly half this year's costs have already been met.

2XS has been Listener Supported by hundreds of our Heroes since we started in December 2002. It's meant that we have been able to remain ad-free - which is awesome. If you do hear any ads, then they have been inserted by a third party (mainly TuneIn, but we've finally managed to get them to remove us from their platform). We have spent a lot of time and money keeping the station running and it's only been possible because of your contributions, so a big "thank you" to all who have helped so far. If you haven't already, maybe you could keep us going with a one-off or recurring donation?

Just so you know: all income is spent on royalty payments, servers, studio maintenance, software upgrades - and coffee! No-one here gets paid. £20 supports the musicians; £10 helps towards server costs - and £3 will buy that coffee and keep the lights on!

You can use Ko-Fi to make a one-off or monthly contribution (which is easy to cancel):

If you prefer Paypal, just click here. You don't need a Paypal account to do this, but if you'd like to set-up a monthly contribution you do need a Paypal account. It's easily to cancel at any time:
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Thanks for recent contributions from:

Dan, Cumbria, England - Alexander, Porto, Portugal - Ann, Fife, Scotland - Ross, London, England - Eric, San Antonio, Texas, USA - Dan, Cumbria, England - Ken, Newcastle, Maine USA - Karen, Langley, Virginia, USA - Alison, Perth, Scotland - Andrew, New York City, USA - Martin, Bratislava, Slovakia - Sophie, Braunschweig, Germany - Margot, Perth, Scotland - Randall, Falconer, NY, USA - Mel, Christchurch, England - Anthony, Saltburn, England - Craig, Wuertzburg, Germany - Jessica, Austin, Texas, USA - Eduardo, Turin, Italy - Dan, London, England - Sam, Newport, Wales - Amanda, Leicester, England - Bill, Orlando, Florida, USA - Foxy Fred, London, England - Birt, Florida, USA - Anthony, England - Nicholas, England - Eadie, Southampton, England - Anji, Reading, England - Bill, San Jose, California, USA - Ellen, Edinburgh, Scotland - Don, Drogheda, Ireland - Elinor, Shaffhausen, Switzerland - Hasan, Gaza, Palestine - Zena, Bergamo, Italy - Pete, Solihull, England - Richard, London, England - Veronika, Pristina, Kosovo - Ryan, Dublin, Ireland - Quah, Singapore - Rose, London, England - Parul, Lille, France - Simona, Paris, France - June, Toronto, Canada - Lew Carlson - London, England - Sonia - Bramley, West Yorkshire, England - Melanie Hanley, Sydney, Australia - Chris, Cardiff Bay, Wales - Victoria, Langley, Virginia, USA - Michael, Redcar, England - Sam, Montreal, Canada - Rob, Maastricht, Netherlands - Elena, Slovenia - Dan, Hartlepool, England - Michael, Canterbury, England - Lara, Belfort, France - Tony, England Markus, Germany - Matrix Mike, London, England - Samuel, Buda, Texas, USA - Aljosa, Natasa & Stojan, Slovenia - Jan, USA - Yiannis, Greece - Andreas, Bergen, Norway - Alex, Madrid, Spain - Brian, Kilmarnock, Scotland - Robert & Doris, Aesch, Switzerland - Dan, Cumbria, England

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